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PROUD TO BE UNION is a slogan on our stationery for a number of years. We found the letter below in a newspaper a couple of years ago. It was written by an eighteen-year-old college student. We're reprinting it here--with the permission of the author--because it says it all.


Within our society today there is a great disparity between the working class family and the elite in control of our economy. Large companies such as Verizon are either out of touch with the working class or simply do not care about anything other than their bottom line. Many brave union workers have taken up strike against these companies in order to reaffirm their rights, however there are still far too many individuals who have lost touch with what the labor movement has done for our country and our workers from the beginning.

From its conception, the labor movement has always maintained its one focus, to support and protect the working families of the United States of America. This movement was an organized effort formed out of complete necessity because there was no way for working families to combat the unsafe conditions and impossible lifestyle that had become their everyday reality.

The unions and associations of the movement fought for the rights of the worker who had no way to speak out against those in control of their lives. In an era of the elite few dictating the work of the masses with only a concern for profits, the labor movement argued with concern for the working family. Over the one and a half centuries unions have existed within the United States, they have granted numerous rights and considerations to the worker.

Sadly, the reality is that in today's society there are those who believe the time for unions has come to an end. They believe we have surpassed the days of the elite infringing upon the rights of the working family. However the truth is that the protection and support of the labor union is needed just as much now as it was when it first began.

We still need unions today because people still deserve to work in a safe environment. People still deserve to have time at home to care for their families. People still deserve to stand up for themselves when their rights are being violated and to know that others will stand up with them. The unions and organizations of the labor movement will never stop fighting for the working family. So why should we stop fighting for them?